EPS Surfboard/SUP Blanks

These EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam blanks are molded just like the traditional PU blanks. EPS foam can only be glassed with Epoxy resin, if Polyester resin is used it will destroy the EPS foam. The blanks are manufactured by Marko Foam (EPS). Since these EPS molded blanks are molded they have the rocker and thicknesses molded into them, they need less work than the billeted blanks to finish out.

Marko Molded EPS Surfboard Blank

Marko Foam Molded EPS Blanks ranging in sizes from 6'1" to 9'6".

Marko EPS SUP CNC'd Blanks

Surf and Flatwater SUP blanks cut on the CNC machine. These blanks are proven designs that are cut very close to the final shape. Only need minimal shaping to finish shape.