E-Z Pro Shaping Kit

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E-Z Pro Shaping Kit


This kit is not for the average shaper... which is why it's called the E-Z Pro Shaping Kit. Duh! This is for the shaper who is serious about creating the best board possible, and the only way to do that is to have the proper tools. All the tools in this kit are high quality and chosen specifically for shaping surfboards. Includes: Two sheets each 80g Screen, 120g Screen, 220g Screen, 80g White Paper; 10" Surform; David Plane; Block Plane; 3.5" Spokeshave; Trim Plane; Micro Round Rasp; Hitachi Modified Planer 2014; E-Z Shaping Pad w/40gHD & 80g LD Abrasives; E-Z Finish Pad; E-Z Scissor Caliper; E-Z Square Pro; Dust Mask.

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