Surfboard Shaping Hand Tools

Hard to find Hand Tools for shaping surfboards

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E-Z Marking Gauge

The E-Z Marking Gauge is a great tool for making marks on the blanks for various steps of the shaping process. It is also helpful in drawing the...


Fred Tool

As seen on "Shaping 101", the Fred Tool is used to cut the rail off the bottom of the board. This tool will give take the guess work out of cutting...


E-Z Brass Mini Plane

This little tool has a lot of bang for your buck! The Mini Brass Plane has a great feel for taking down the stringer especially in the nose area or...


David Combi Plane

A high quality inexpensive multi-use hand plane. This hand plane is very light yet durable, made out of aluminum. The plane has 2 usable blade...


Hobby Multi-Plane

The Hobby Multi-Plane was designed to offer several different planes in one tool. Such as: Surface Plane, Rabbet Plane - to make grooves and go into...



The must have tool for cutting the stringer in extreme nose rockers, 3-1/2" long. Check out this video tutorial on the Spokeshave!


Block Plane

The most popular high quality large hand planer in the industry. 1-5/8" X 7"


Kakuri Ebony Japanese Curved Planer

This Kakuri brand Japanese Curved Plane just turned up the awesome meter to n'th degree! An absolutely beautiful tool that functions better than it...


Trim Plane

High quality small hand plane. 1-1/8" X 3-3/8".


Microplane Round Rasp

The Microplane Large Round Rasp is an excellent tool for shaping swallowtails. It does not tear the foam or wood. Instead, it leaves a clean, smooth...



  • Displaying 1 to 10 (of 16 products)
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