Shipping & Returns

We can easily pack one to four blanks of any size combination into one Blank Box ($20.00 fee up to four blanks, see below). Up to two (2) boxes/eight (8) blanks can be shipped to most anywhere in the Continental US for a flat rate of $140.00, if shipped to a Commercial Address or $165.00 if shipped to a residential address. The shipping companies have a policy which charges an additional fee to deliver to a residence. The delivery address must be on a commercial street not a residential road to qualify for the commercial address discount. home businesses, schools, and churches are NOT considered business addresses. ***Parts of New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, North Carolina, and other hard to get to areas are rare cases and the shipping amounts can be as high as $400.00. We will contact you if this situation arises.

Don't have a business address?

You are welcome to pick up your box at the local service center to save this additional fee. To do so, select the Residential Shipping option at check out and put a note in your order that says "please contact me regarding pickup at my local service center". Once we locate your local service center and clear the proximity with you (customer), we will make the appropriate reduction to your invoice.

**** Please contact us for larger orders; shipping charges per blank goes down with larger orders.


You, or someone you trust, must be available to accept your order. If you give permission to the shipping company to leave the box without someone to inspect and sign you will forfeit the insurance. DO NOT decline the shipment and/or send back, if you do, it complicates the claim and voids the insurance. The box and its contents should be inspected thoroughly at the time of delivery. If you find that any part of your order is damaged, or if the box itself is damaged, have the driver notate it on the bill of lading. You must accept the entire box(es), including all contents even if something is damaged!!! Once again, DO NOT decline the shipment and/or send back. You will need to contact us within three days at (714) 896-8233 and explain the damages. Upon receipt of your information we will immediately ship out the replacement(s) with no additional shipping charges to the customer. The customer must hold on to the packaging and damaged goods for two weeks (in case the freight company wants to do an additional inspection). Everything ordered with FOAM E-Z is insured for the full amount.

If a customer orders supplies in addition to blanks, the supplies will be shipped in the Blank Box, so the customer will be paying shipping only once. Blanks and other items ordered will be included in the same shipping box; therefore all items ordered in addition to blanks will not be added to the shipping costs. The Blank Box can hold a variety of different sized blanks

For more information about our shipping, check out our FAQS page.


$20.00 covers the Blank Box and the labor to pack your order (4 blanks of any size combination fit in one box). If you are ordering SUP blanks the SUP Blank Box is $40.


Foam E-Z will ship non-blank items via Federal Express (FED EX). If an international order is placed with blanks included it will come to us as a quote and we will respond within 3 business days with a shipping quote. Everything ordered with FOAM E-Z is insured for the full amount.

International Shipping cost approximations:

Puerto Rico
1-8 blanks of any size combination to Carolina PR ranges between $125.00 and $200.00.

1-4 blanks of any size combination to Honolulu $125-$175

1-4 blanks of any size combination $100-$175

1-4 blanks of any size combination $150-$250

1-4 blanks of any size combination to International airport $200-$400



At this time, our website is built to only give FedEx shipping rates for products (other than blanks) ordered. Therefore most shipping rates (FedEx) the customer will see are expensive. If the customer would like a USPS shipping quote or would like their shipping changed to USPS they must email or call us with all the appropriate information (see below). As always the customer will be liable/responsible for all duties and taxes their country places on the goods. There is NO tracking available on any Priority packages only Delivery Confirmation. “Flat Rate” Priority packages are not insurable internationally only domestically. ***If a customer wants a flat rate shipment they will forgo insurance and no tracking is available. The customer will incur the risk and will have no recourse if the shipment is lost or damaged.

  1. 1. If the customer would like a USPS shipping quote, we need to receive the following information: Your complete order and a complete shipping address including phone #, city, state, zip code, country, etc... After we receive this information we will contact you back with a final quote. At that time you can give us your credit card information (we accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), and we will process and ship your order immediately.
  2. 2. If the order has already been placed and you'd like the shipping changed to USPS then we need to be notified immediately by either email or via the phone. We will then make the shipping change and make the appropriate changes to your invoice and to your credit card charge.


When an order comes through our system from Hawaii or Puerto Rico we automatically get a USPS Priority shipping quote and compare it to the FedEx rate. Whichever rate is better we use. Most times the USPS rate wins, therefore, the customer can expect to receive an amended invoice and their credit card charge will be reduced to reflect the new rate.

CANADA USPS (US Postal Service)

We have found a problem when FedEx ships International Ground to Canada. The problem is that FedEx does not collect the duties and taxes at the time of delivery and eventually these charges come back to Foam E-Z. Because of this issue we have decided to no longer offer FedEx Intl Ground. The customer can either get one of the expedited services or use USPS Express Mail International. If an order comes through with Intl Ground shipping then the customer will be notified to collect the additional shipping costs. At this time the customer can decide to make the change or cancel the order.