US Blanks 6-5A Fish Blank

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US Blanks 6-5A Fish Blank


Shaper's (Pat Rawson) Comments: This is my longer version of the previous 6'2"C fish blank. I designed this one as to be able to easily net a 6'5" by the bottom measurement. Bottom rocker is a shorter version of the natural rocker of the 6'9"A I made in 2002. I basically "shrunk down" the 6'9"A for this mold design. This blank can be ordered wider or narrower as to allow for stronger decks/rails near the perimeter of the board outline, and less waste.
Overall Bottom Length: 6' 5 7/8" (197.80 cm)
Tip-to-tip Deck Length: 6' 5 1/8" (195.90 cm)
Maximum Width: 23 5/8" (60.01 cm)
Maximum Thickness: 3 1/8" (7.94 cm)
History: Introduced July 2006
Stock Densities: Red (light), other densities available by special order

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