US Blanks 7-4SP Egg Blank

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US Blanks 7-4SP Egg Blank


Shaper's (Charlie Smith Tom Parrish) Comments: The 7’4” SP and the 7’10” SP were built together on Maui and are similar to the 8’4” SP, offering a more complete size progression for mini longboards. The outlines of both were widened relative to the 8’4” SP to make them usable for a broader range of designs. Natural rocker is fairly neutral in both the nose and tail, with enough thickness to shape them up or down, according to the shaper’s preference. Ideal for boards in the 6’10” to 7’4” range.

Overall Bottom Length: 7' 5 11/16" (227.81 cm)
Tip-to-tip Deck Length: 7' 4 3/4" (225.43 cm)
Maximum Width: 24 3/16" (61.44 cm)
Maximum Thickness: 3 3/8" (8.57 cm)
Displacement: 2.723 cubic feet (77.1 L)
Introduced: June 2014

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