Makita Modified Planer




The one and only Makita Modified Planer created by Casica Tech.  This planer was selected over other models since it is the only planer available that has sliding front shoe like a Skil 100 and is entirely made in Japan.  The shoe feature provides smooth tapered cuts and ease of starting cuts since the bottom opening of the cutters is variable width, not a fixed opening as other planers where the shoe moves only up/down.  What is unique about this tool is the way it’ll taper a cut like the Skil.  Like a Skil though, you ride this one off the base not the front shoe (as a Hitachi).  Due to the sliding shoe, it will always start a cut flat with very little tipping foward.  There is no other shaping planer worldwide available like this.  Vacuum Port sold separately.

Here is a list of the modifications:

– Depth control: Zero to 1/8” max depth in 1/4 turn of knob (90°). This is done using a
redesigned cam made of Delrin plastic which is a hard, self-lubricating bearing material.
The knob is an actual Skil 100 type (early version) and related parts are CNC machined
billet aluminum.

– Rear handle: This is made from a Skilsaw HD handle which is the same angle as the
Skil 100 planer. Sheet metal brackets are laser cut and machine formed.

– Blades: Blades are reversible, never need sharpening or adjustment, and are made of

– Dust control: The exhaust port can be set (only once) to left or right side. An optional
vacuum elbow is available which will accept hoses with 1-1/2” inside diameter. The
elbow can be also used without a vac system to direct dust downward.



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